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The guidelines for obtaining a living insurance policy license change from state to express. Except most states require candidates to pass one particular or extra exams and pay a charge. Most express also take applicants to meet their own licensing exams even if they are licensed to sell life insurance in extra state. If you want to market life insurance, you'll want to understand the licensing necessity in your state.

Difficulty: Tolerably Challenging Instructions

Licensing fee

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1 Determine the licensing regulations for your state. Commonly, you can reveal this information by logging onto the household page of your express's department of insurance, or by calling it. Some express call for candidates to take pre-licensing courses--the quantity of courses required change--previous to they indicator up for a licensing exam. If this yous the case in your state, sign upwards to the needed courses.

2 Fill out any application to sell life insurance. Most states offer this application Web. Though these differ from express to state, most applications simply request essential info such as your name, address and Sociable Security number. Various Web applications will ask about your education and previous employment. Some states may well likewise request your approval to run some criminal background check plus credit check on you.

3 Sign up for your licensing exam. Some states, similar as Missouri, require applicants to consider a computerized licensing exam administered by Pearson Vue. This firm provides standardized tests for some wide range about industries. In other states, such as California, you'll have to travel to some distinct location to acquire your test.

4 Pay out your license fee. Again, this varies from state to express. On California, for instance, it costs $68 for a new license. In New Jersey, applicants will obtain to pay $190 to utilize for a life insurance license.

5 Decide your express's continuing-knowledge qualifications after you get successfully completed your application to a existence insurance license and passed your licensing examination. Most states take that is existence insurance factors complete a special number of continuing-education hours every year.

Tips & Cautions

If you are already licensed to sell life insurance from extra express, be clear to question if you may opt out about taking pre-licensing classes or the licensing exam. Many states won't permit this, though various will. Eliminating these steps may be a fantastic time-saver.