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The SACODEYL (System Aided Compilation and Open Distribution of European Youth Language) project aims to develop an ICT-based system for the assisted compilation and open distribution of European teen talk in the context of language education. The project includes the collection and distribution of English, French, German, Italian, Lithuanian, Romanian, and Spanish teen talk.

SACODEYL aims to develop a solution for the compilation and pedagogical language learning-oriented exploitation of linguistic teen talk oral corpora. SACODEYL is an integration initiative that takes into account areas as:

  • multilingual corpus compilation and innovation support
  • pedagogical adaptation of existing ICT tools for the integration of corpora and corpus-based methods of Data Driven Learning (DDL) into mainstream language teaching
  • know-how building which will contribute to the future drafting of specifications that can take both DDL and the use of oral corpora in language education a step forward.

SACODEYL is implementing different software that will perform specific roles for their purposes:

The SACODEYL Transcriptor is a transcription editor. Its features are given as:

  • play videos of DIVX,XVID,AVI,MPEG,Quick Time, RM formats.
  • play audios in MP3, WAV, ASF formats
  • Multi-Languague support (use 100% unicode format)
  • Import transcriptions from others formats such as Transana transcription format.
  • Tools for the inclusion of metadata information about the transcription (with the possibility to customize the template of the information)
  • Tools for the incluion of aspect of the orality such as: cut, breaks, comments, unclear segments, trunc word, foreign word, etc...
  • Tools the makes the timestamping linking between the video and the text
  • Friendly short-cut to control the player seeking

The SACODEYL Annotator is a tool for adding annotations to language corpora. Its features are given as:

  • Manages multiple language corpora
  • Manages multiple texts inside each corpora
  • Manages the definition of the tags that can be annotated
  • Offers the possibility of extensión of the annotation tags
  • Complies with TEI specifications
  • Offers the user the posibility to annotate at any level inside the text
  • Works with oral and writen text
  • Shows selected annotations
  • Offers a very friendly interface