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Mold yous any living organism. This small fungus grows in colonies because microscopic spores that multiply rapidly and simply with clammy or damp conditions. While you can handle mold and mould spores, the very best way to offer with the potentially dangerous organism is to forestall its growth altogether. Many supplies plus tools are available to prevent mold growth, including the use of ultraviolet light fixtures. UV soft, along with other useful supplies, used in your heating and air conditioning system may keep mold from forming in your home or location regarding enterprise . hvac install.

Things You'll Need:

Measuring tape

2-inch hole saw

Clean cloth

Glass cleaner

4 sheet metal screws

Screw driver

HEPA filter

1 Make assured there's adequate room to accommodate the UV lamp.

Choose a location along the side of your heating and air conditioning (HVAC) to install your germicidal UV lamp. Select some place that is can accommodate the mounting plate on the end of the lamp plus the length of the lamp on the inside about the HVAC unit. Utilize any measuring tape, previously, to plan the length of the lamp.

2 Cut a 2-inch hole in the side of the heating duct by way of a hole saw. This allows you to slide the UV light piece of the lamp via the hole and into the HVAC unit. Before inserting the light, fresh it together with a clean cloth and glass cleaner to remove fingerprints.

3 Choose the appropriate screwdriver to secure the screws.

4 Place a HEPA filter in your HVAC unit. As the UV lamp kills the mold spores, the HEPA filter helps remove them consequently they cannot continue to pose any healthiness hazard.

Many germicidal UV lamps may be installed on the return air side of the furnace or provide air part.

You must have 24VAC strength on your HVAC system in buy to install and employ a germicidal UV lamp.

Attach the mounting panel by means of molly bolts instead about sheet metal screws when attaching the base to duct board.

Unplug the UV lamp previous to servicing as the UV light can cause harm to your skin and visions.