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SaltNPepper is a metamodel based converter framework, incorporating a variety of plugins to convert corpus data between a large set of formats.

Pepper offers a highly extensible platform for conversion and manipulation of linguistic data between an unbound set of formats. It can be used stand-alone as a command line interface, or be integrated as an API into other software products.

Salt is an easily understandable meta model for linguistic data and an open source API for storing, manipulating and representing the data. Salt is an abstract model, poor in linguistic semantics. As a result, it is independent of any linguistic schools or theories. The core model is graph-based, thereby keeping the structural restrictions very low and allowing for a wide range of possible linguistic annotations, such as syntactic, morphological, coreferential annotations and many more.

Currently supported input/output formats include EXMARaLDA, Tiger XML, MMAX, RST, TCF, TreeTagger format, TEI (subset), ANNIS format, PAULA and many many more.