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Linguistic Applications at MPI (Peter Wittenburg)
The MPI Language and Cognition Group have produced a variety of tools for working with annotated speech and video data. EUDICO (European Distributed Corpora Project) is a universal workbench for corpus linguistics, written in Java and operating with a variety of formats, including [#CHILDES CHAT], [#SIL Shoebox], [#Tipster Tipster], and various relational database formats. CAVA (Computer Assisted Video Analysis) is a suite of programs intended for scientists in the humanities, including a Transcription Editor for digital transcription of analog video on PCs, and a Macintosh program called MediaTagger, for creating and searching multi-tier annotation of digital video in QuickTime format. A new multi-platform tool for managing CHAT-like transcriptions and aligned speech data, the Spoken Childes Tool, is available. Many of these tools are available free to academic sites.