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Insurance policy broker licenses are issued on the regional/provincial level with Canada, so requirements differ depending on where you strategy to do business . Once you receive your initial license, you might have to complete continuing-schooling classes over the course about your career to hold the license current.

Difficulty: Moderate Instructions

1 Speak to the Financial Services Commission in the province from which you hope to practice for licensing guidelines. Although licensing requirements vary, according to the Insurance Brokers Association of Canada (IBAC), there's no specific education requirement for brokers. University-degree organization classes may support you gain know-how that could be helpful to your career, according to IBAC.

2 Pass the licensing exam required by way of your province. The Financial Supports Commission will give you details nearly registering plus preparing to the exam. The provincial IBAC chapter in your area can also give you test advice and study recommendations precise to the exam you're taking. This chapter may also deal insurance courses that can be handy as you prepare with the test.

3 Apply to some broker's license according to the procedure from your province. Although the special procedure varies, expect to complete any application, provide evidence of your exam scores plus pay out some charge. Get the important application out of the province's Financial Services Commission. The commission will also advise you when licenses need to be renewed and what continuing-education requirements you must meet to keep your license existing.

4 Start working. According to the IBAC, licensed brokers can function independently, marketing products away from several different insurance companies, or they can work for one established insurance brokerage.